Sunday, October 18, 2020

THE KLIEK - Feel Good (1993)






The Kliek was a Dutch garage-/sixtiesband that was around from 1987 to 1996, a period in which sixties music was not hip at all. The Kliek was therefore condemned to a life in the underground. This didn't stop the band from touring the whole of Europe during the 10 years the band existed. Especially in Spain and Germany they reached an unexpected popularity.

The Kliek tried to be more sixties than real sixtiesbands themselves. Haircuts, clothingstyle, LP-covers and the sound of the band had to be as authentic as possible, and only by the louder, sometimes even a bit noisy guitars one could tell them apart from the real thing.

1 I Keep Trying

2 Feel Good

3 Would I Still Be Her Big Man?

4 Happy Glow

5 Sandra

6 I'll Cry

7 Today Is Just Tomorrow's Yesterday

8 I Guess My Swinging Days Are Over

9 Who'll Save My Soul

10 Accept My Ring

11 Clock On The Wall

12 Little One

13 Coal Man

14 Tell Her You Love Her

15 Turkish Tea Party

16 You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down

CD Bonus Tracks [1990 Recordings]

17 I'm Gonna Get That Girl

18 Quiet Side Of The Bay

19 None Of Your Business

20 I Never Told You

21 You're The Only World I Know

[1987 Recordings]

22 Percy

23 Sahara Beach

24 Paarse Broek

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