Monday, October 26, 2020

GET LOST! - Never Come Back (2002)






Picking up where the Miracle Workers' classic Inside Out left off, former members Gerry Mohr and Robert Butler,himself also the founder of garage legends the Untold Fables,have promised to ignore all the modern trends and bring to the world the most fuzzed-out psychedelic/garage trio yet: the GET LOST!

After the Workers ended in the early 90s Butler moved to Switzerland and played with bassist Kat Aellen in the heavy psych group "Bishops Daughter" and garage beat-band "The In-Sekt." Throughout the 90s they also produced and engineered recordings for dozens of bands wanting their trademark hard-hitting sound, including a number of releases on the highly-respected Voodoo Rhythm label. With Voodoo Rhythm chief Lightning Beat-Man, they shocked and sickened audiences across Europe in the legendary spectacle/ritual/show/circus, the Bad Taste Rock'n'Roll Revue.

Meanwhile, former Miracle Workers vocalist Gerry Mohr was singing under the name "Malcolm Crowne" for the American psych supergroup the Cavemanish Boys, whose album was released in 1999. Mohr moved to Switzerland in the summer of 2000, and during a casual jam-session the three realized there was unfinished business at hand. They resolved to form a new band, one which would put to work all they had learned in their years of writing, performing and producing the world's greatest psych and beat music.

Believing that only the loudest and most savage rhythms could compliment the howling fuzz of their songs, it was decided that Chris Rosales, also an American ex-patriot and drummer well-known around Switzerland and elsewhere for his pounding with Lightning Beat-man's group, "The Nerver Heard Of 'Ems," The "In-Sekt", "Les Super Supers soul revue", and currently with The Reverend Beat-man's band, would be offered the chance to regularly destroy his drums on-stage with The Get Lost.

After signing a lucrative deal with Voodoo Rhythm Records in 2001, the band flew to London to record their debut waxing, "Never Come Back". The trademark "vintage" sounds from producer Liam Watson's Toe Rag studios proved a perfect match for the Get Lost's dynamic rock'n'roll attack.

1 One Way Street

2 Boogiehut

3 Love Is A Garden

4 One Way Ticket

5 Secondhand

6 Leavin' Here

7 Spooky

8 Do The Get Lost

9 You're The One

10 MDmation

11 Elevator

Sunday, October 25, 2020

THE WILDEBEESTS - Annie Get Your Gnu (2006)






If you’ve already had a chance to be freaked out by these kinds of “beests”, you’re most probably aware that there’s nothing new or revolutionary to be heard within this “wilde” piece of vinyl.

But what you’re sure to get is 40 plus minutes of “gnud times” with The Wildebeests paying their tribute to some of their mid-sixteez faves, in their own brand of snotty gnurage, that mutated from each band member’s experience with the likes of The Thanes, The Milkshakes or The Kaisers.

As from the opening Your Mind they make sure to let us know that they know their way through the “sonic” witch-craft, followed by the punky r’n’b pair made of the Yardbirds-ish CB 400, recalling the early daze of the British-boom, and I Can’t Change, which is “about a mover” taking it across the ocean, and while still in Texas, they’ll take you on a jug-gled “elevator” ride with No No No.

Some klassik Kinky riffage is what you get from ’Til Sun Up, and the same goes for Lucinda by way of the Raiders, while Nothing To Say provides a slightly heavier, late’60s vibe, before they get all freaky sounding kinda like The Eyes fronted by Don Van Vliet in It Ain’t Right, and the equally freaked out, noisy pop-art “creation”, Who’s Sorry Now.

As long as they’re this wilde, there’s no question if it’s the beests or not the beests!

A1 Your Mind

A2 CB400

A3 I Can't Change

A4 Stickleback

A5 No No No

A6 'Til Sun Up

A7 You're Looking Good

B1 Lucinda

B2 Go Better

B3 Peabug

B4 Nothing To Say

B5 I Did You No Wrong

B6 It Ain't Right

B7 Who's Sorry Now

Thursday, October 22, 2020

THE BARRACUDAS - Drop Out With (1980 / 1982)






Thematically, the Barracudas pushed hard a Southern California surf-rock image on their debut -- there's the cover photo, for one, and then there's a good chunk of the songs. Titles like the demi-hit singles "Summer Fun," "California Lament," "On the Strip," and "Surfers Are Back" are self-explanatory, while the deliciously campy "His Last Summer," detailing one dude's final big wave with Brit-accented asides, has got to win an award for being one of rock's best fake-tragedy stories. However, the Barracudas were more accurately a sharp balance between the harder-edge of new wave power pop and a freewheeling, mid-'60s L.A. revivalism. Rather than peeling off Dick Dale or Ventures-style riffs, or even trying much for the Beach Boys' early sound, the foursome combined some surf-tinged work with the Byrds' ringing exuberance, Love's more frazzled early garage stomps, and the kind of punk collected on Nuggets. When it all works, it rises from mere tribute status to being its own groovy kick, often resembling a more specifically '60-fixated version of the Church. Everything is original on Drop Out, though sources of inspiration aren't far off at any turn, however reused and remade. "Codeine" has a more epic swoop and cautionary feel than the Sonics gave to "Strychnine," and "I Saw My Death in a Dream Last Night" isn't quite the Electric Prunes, but the same sort of not-quite-borrowing crops up song for song, and not too badly at that. Some songs, such as "I Can't Pretend" and "This Ain't My Time," have just enough of a crisp kick to remind you that they were recorded in 1980 rather than 15 years earlier. Generally speaking, though, one song title sums up the entire fun spirit of Drop Out: "I Wish It Could Be 1965 Again."

A1 I Can't Pretend 2:32

A2 Violent Times 2:47

A3 Somebody 3:07

A4 Codeine 3:40

A5 This Ain't My Time 3:04

A6 Somewhere Outside 3:11

A7 I Saw My Death In A Dream Last Night 3:31

B1 Summer Fun 3:10

B2 His Last Summer 3:31

B3 Surfers Are Back 2:10

B4 Don't Let Go 3:26

B5 On The Strip 2:41

B6 California Lament 3:40

B7 I Wish It Could Be 1965 Again 3:20

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

THE GREENHORNES - Dual Mono (2002)






If the Greenhornes titling their album Dual Mono doesn't give you a full idea of what they might sound like, it lets you know, at the very least, that they will be partying like its 1969. The first few seconds of the opener, "Satisfy My Mind," will tell you all you need to know: this is fuzz-toned garage rock, pure and simple.

The Greenhornes are impressively faithful to the sonic hallmarks of the harder-edge British Invasion bands and their counterparts in the original wave of American garage rock: chiming guitars that one can picture being played with windmill-fashioned arm swings, vocals redolent with barely suppressed lust and cigarettes, and a guest appearance on the ballad "Don't Come Running" from the harpsichord, always an instrument favored by Brit-rockers as the soundtrack to their especially sensitive moments ("For Your Love" being the seminal example).

Much of Dual Mono could have appeared on either of the Nuggets box sets if it had actually been produced in pre-Woodstock instead of 2002 – they've mastered the classic pummeling blues-inspired three-minute pop song. After years of hard rock bands heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin at their most ponderous and the Rolling Stones at their most decadent, the amount of bands opting for a stripped-down, pre-psychedelia 60s-styled approach is not surprising. The Greenhornes’ style could be seen as backlash to current hard rock clichés, or as the choosing of a different fork on the same road. As traditionalists, the Greenhornes keep the lyrical content lean and down-to earth; mystic, cosmic or political implications are kept to a minimum.

Joining the Greenhornes on the album for a few tracks is Thee Headcoatees member Holly Golightly, offering some vocal support from the English faction of garage-punk enthusiasts. Her tracks, “There is an End” and “Gonna Get Me Someone,” inject some stylistic variety – the latter with the set’s poppiest offering, the former with lambent balladeering in the Nancy Sinatra vein. Holly’s a welcome presence in this appealing excursion into twenty-first century Mod.

A1 Satisfy My Mind 2:50

A2 The Way It's Meant To Be 2:55

A3 Three Faint Calls 2:17

A4 It Returns 2:47

A5 Hard Times 3:29

A6 Too Much Sorrow 4:07

B1 You'll Be Sorry 3:35

B2 There Is An End 3:05

B3 It's Not Real 3:31

B4 Don't Come Running To Me 3:28

B5 Pigtails And Kneesocks 4:17

B6 Gonna Get Me Someone 3:02

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

THE THANES - Thanes Of Cawdor (1987 / 1996)






Re-Release of The Thanes first LP on 10' vinyl from the Greek label Minotaur Music.

Formed in 1980 using the name The Green Telescope, the idea was of playing the ’60s sounds that they were then discovering every day. They switched names to The Thanes (of Cawdor) in 1986, because says Lenny Helsing (lead guitar/vocals), “We wanted something with less of a psychedelic vibe, a name that would more accurately fit in with our sixties American teen-punk garage infatuation.” Their first album “The Thanes of Cawdor” was released in 1987, leading to their organ-driven garage band sound getting these Edinburgh boys support slots with the likes of The Soup Dragons, Primal Scream and, in more recent years, original Nuggets-era bands The Remains, The Sonics, and ? & the Mysterians. Over the years the group has seen releases on some of the most respected labels supplying the international garage-punk scene, with vinyl and CDs on Screaming Apple (Germany), Larsen (France), Corduroy (Australia), Misty Lane (Italy) and Dirty water (UK).

A1 Keep You Out


A2 You'll Be Blue


A3 Won't You C'mon Girl


A4 Days Go Slowly By


A5 When I Love You


B1 Girls


B2 Buzz Buzz Yeh Yeh


B3 Before I Go


B4 All Gone Now


Monday, October 19, 2020

V/A - OUT OF THE GARAGE - Volume 1





Thought I'd have some fun and make up a compilation. Will make some more down the track if you lot are happy with this one. let me know in the comments. 



Sunday, October 18, 2020

THE KLIEK - Feel Good (1993)






The Kliek was a Dutch garage-/sixtiesband that was around from 1987 to 1996, a period in which sixties music was not hip at all. The Kliek was therefore condemned to a life in the underground. This didn't stop the band from touring the whole of Europe during the 10 years the band existed. Especially in Spain and Germany they reached an unexpected popularity.

The Kliek tried to be more sixties than real sixtiesbands themselves. Haircuts, clothingstyle, LP-covers and the sound of the band had to be as authentic as possible, and only by the louder, sometimes even a bit noisy guitars one could tell them apart from the real thing.

1 I Keep Trying

2 Feel Good

3 Would I Still Be Her Big Man?

4 Happy Glow

5 Sandra

6 I'll Cry

7 Today Is Just Tomorrow's Yesterday

8 I Guess My Swinging Days Are Over

9 Who'll Save My Soul

10 Accept My Ring

11 Clock On The Wall

12 Little One

13 Coal Man

14 Tell Her You Love Her

15 Turkish Tea Party

16 You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down

CD Bonus Tracks [1990 Recordings]

17 I'm Gonna Get That Girl

18 Quiet Side Of The Bay

19 None Of Your Business

20 I Never Told You

21 You're The Only World I Know

[1987 Recordings]

22 Percy

23 Sahara Beach

24 Paarse Broek

Saturday, October 17, 2020

THE CRUSADERS - Addicted To Fuzz (1996)






The lime-green mystery liquid shouts volumes about The Crusaders and their approach to fun. Yeah, they're sporting purple medieval "crusaders" outfits in their latest photo, but it's their maniacal grins and twisted faces -- brought on obviously by the green fluid in the bottles they're clutching -- that says it all: Australia's The Crusaders know how to have a good time.

That feeling seeps through every crack of their Addicted To Fuzz vinyl 10" on Dionysus. The six song slab gurgles and sputters and falls all over itself in the absolute best of ways. Mix up some of that punch for me, boys, and pass the bottle. Yahooo!

A1 Waiting For The Day

A2 C'mon

A3 Addicted To Fuzz

B1 Wave To The Grave

B2 Man With No Name

B3 Danger Beach

Friday, October 16, 2020

GREEN CIRCLES - Get On The Outside Of This (2001)






This is pop with a determined beat/garage bent. "Get on the Outside" sounds fresh and Mark Gilbert's sometimes snotty vocals keeps it going too close to polished. Sure, the Circles dips their collective lid to obvious precursors (The Creation being an obvious one) but they manage to just stay ahead of the game.

"Pocket Full of Nothing" is a bitter tale of love's rejection, nastied up with stinging guitar. "9:50" is a cute cover, "Wunderkind" a Pete Townsend cop and the organ-and-tremelo-fuelled "Make the Night" (which manages to rhyme "Vespa" and "whisper"!) strike a chord. A couple of the ballady cuts lose me ("taste of Black", "She Breathes") but think how far you'd need to go to hear a band work Australian football analogies into a relationship song ("Wooden Spoon".) I could do without the sampling of crowd noises and commentary, but that's just me.

Just when you had them pegged as potential supports to The Innocents, The Green Circles pull out a tune like "Averted Eye Girl", where an Asheton-esque "Funhouse" guitar line spars with "I hate you/I love you" lyrics that give way to some nice lead-work by Andrew Piper. "Stephanie Comes" is no Velvets slight return but a fully-fledged psyche work-out where vocals duck in and out of the droning mix, underpinned by acoustic guitar.

An energetic disc with lots of variety, much of which has roots on the UK side of the Atlantic. You could do much worse than give it a spin.

1 I'm So Glad

2 Bucket Full Of Nothing

3 9:50

4 In Her Own Time

5 Wunderkind

6 Kiss The Moon

7 Do You Sing?

8 A Taste Of Black

9 She Breathes

10 Paper Scissors Rock

11 Double O Eyes

12 Make The Night

13 Wooden Spoon

14 Averted Eye Girl

15 Stephanie Comes

Thursday, October 15, 2020

THE HEKAWIS - Born Yesterday (2002)






One of the lesser-known musical pleasures in Australian has been the quirky garage sound of the Hekawis, a fuzz-and-organ-driven combo prominent on the Brisbane and Melbourne underground music scenes. Churning out release after release, partly via the then prolific Courdroy label (who happened to own the country's sole vinyl pressing machine for a period in the '90s), the Hekawis pushed all the usual '50s and '60s buttons but came up with a sound unlike any other of their ilk.

A1 The New Breed

A2 Born Yesterday

A3 Give It Soul

A4 In The Band

A5 I'm A Rolling Stone

A6 Sorry Babe

A7 Make It On Time

B1 The Stranger

B2 Caroline (You Lie)

B3 Time Is Running Out

B4 It's Love

B5 Hate To See You Cry

B6 Ain't Going Places

B7 When I'm Gone

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

DMZ - Relics (1981)






Four Craig Leon-produced tracks and five demo tapes that were recorded on four-track comprise this excellent collection.

"When I Get Off" was the number two Garage Record of the Year in 1978 in Boston's Real Paper, and it is a psychedelic masterpiece. The dueling guitars, slashing riff, and great Corraccio bass complement Mono Mann aka Jeff Connolly's blitzkrieg vocals.

Here is a slice of psychedlia that is the fans outdoing the bands they idolize

Side A

1. Busy Man

2. Can't Stand The Pain

3. You're Gonna Miss Me

4. When I Get Off

Side B

1. Do Not Enter

2. Guilty Child

3. Shirt Loop

4. Lift Up Your Hood

5. Barracuda

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

THE MULLENS - S/T (1997)






Hard, driving punk rock ‘n’ roll from this Dallas, TX combo. This bunch offers up 14 blasts of pure energy that truly define punk rock and that are worthy of DMZ, the Ramones, the Creation and Iggy.  Fourteen songs, one album. Turn it up!

Step On The Gas

That Lip

Got A Gun

Your Little Scene

I Stink

Not So Nice

All Fours

Thought You Left

This and That

Get Off My Carpet

Looks Like Fun

Black Molly

Start Smokin’

You Thought Wrong

Monday, October 12, 2020

SUGAR SHACK - Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time (1997)






Five Weeks Ahead of My Time, Sugar Shack's third album, is lousy with pent-up potential and a blasé desperation that makes it all the more compelling. Recorded in Austin, TX, with the Lord High Fixers' Stefanie Paige Friedman adding bulk on drums, Five Weeks may be the loud and fast Houston quintet's most crisply delivered outing -- which isn't saying all that much. Guitarist/songwriter Andy Wright offers a fairly remedial take on the punk idiom, and lead singer Mark Lochridge has a tendency to yell himself dizzy. But the caustic combination of foul humor and misspent energy on tracks such as "Thee Crusaders," "In the Chump Zone," and "All Night Stand" is as flammable as a 1975 Pinto.

A1 I Can't Satisfy

A2 Blabbermouth

A3 Chip

A4 Thee Crusaders

A5 Get Her Back

A6 I'm Glad / Your Sad

A7 Da Kook

B1 Be A Man

B2 Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time

B3 In The Chump Zone

B4 Go! Space City

B5 I'm Outta Here

B6 All Night Stand

B7 She's My Crutch

Sunday, October 11, 2020

THE MONO MEN - Stop Draggin Me Down (1990 / 1992)






"About two hours from Seattle, in the seaside town of Bellingham, WA, the Mono Men pursued their campy retreat to '60s rock revivalism via the Sonics, the Wailers, and loads of teen exploitation flicks, but don't be fooled -- their music is loud, fast, and aggressive.The Mono Men doubled as indie label gurus, forming and running garage rock asylum Estrus Records; they also host the annual Garage Shock music festival in upstate Washington." 

A1 Stop Draggin' Me Down 2:37

A2 Right Now 2:50

A3 Boss 1:52

A4 Ain't No Friend Of Mine 2:43

A5 No Way Back 2:41

A6 I Don't Care 3:11

B1 Dead End 3:42

B2 That's Her 3:30

B3 Girl 2:24

B4 Stay Awake 2:42

B5 Fate 2:33

B6 Reptile 2:00

Saturday, October 10, 2020







Come worship the Holy Reverb with this Oxfordshire quintet's laid back, rootsy garage surf (including an oddly mutated version of the "Hawaii 5-0" theme) and 60's style garage psych. 

Sir Baldie and Keith Morris (of the Green Hornets) guest on guitar and Vox organ respectively.

A1 Depth Charge

A2 Monte Carlo

A3 Fandango (Vocal)

A4 Undertow

A5 Mr. Morris Struts His Stuff

A6 Narrow Escape

B1 Hawaiian Job

B2 Mexican Connection

B3 The Cribber

B4 Esc-Of-Spades

B5 The Swag In The Bag

B6 Fandango (Instrumental)

Friday, October 9, 2020

THE URGES - Psych Ward (2007)






Coming from one of “them” old Irish garages, I was kind of expecting for The Urges to be more of a children of Nuggets II, while instead, they seem to take the other way round, opting for the initial concept, as conceived on the other side of the ocean, sticking to the British mid’60s sounds only as much as suggested by the original nuggets themselves.

Opening with a pair of organ-driven fuzz stompers by way of The Fuzztones, I was almost about to say that my own “urge” to hear this long-playing debut isn’t going to be fulfilled as expected, but then comes the Seedy, almost surf-ish psychedelic jangle of It Ain’t Right, suddenly making it all worthwhile.

The surf-like jangle seems to be poping up quite often actually, but only as a back up for snarly Van/Jagger/Aguillar impersonations, as already done by older like-mynded soulmates such as Greg Prevost or Edgar Summertyme, as heard in The Urges Theme, or the Eastern-tinged Curse It All.

The same snarly growls, occasionally interrupted by a scream or two, worthy of Gerry Roslie’s most primal ones, are to be heard throughout the rest of the album as well, with the back up moving along from the punk-ish Stones-through-ChocWatchband sounds of You Don’t Look So Good, I Gotta Wait or the title tune, steppin’ on another, just as familiar stone of So Uptight, to the moodier, and appropriately psychedelic The 13th Floor, which is exactly where it’s about to take you.

Obviously, it’s all too derivative … and all too beautiful for that matter.

A1 Read The Signs

A2 You're Gonna Find Out

A3 It's Ain't Right

A4 You Don't Look So Good

A5 Salvaje

A6 The 13th Floor

B1 The Urges Theme

B2 So Uptight

B3 I Gotta Wait

B4 Curse It All

B5 Psych Ward

Thursday, October 8, 2020

SIR BALD DIDDLEY & HIS WIG-OUTS - The Man With Two Left Hands (2001)






Sir Bald is back - badder and balder than ever before. A brand new one from one of Britain's best exponents of Garage Rock 'n' Roll, Surfin' Instros, and Pounding R&B - Baldie has never sounded better! 'The Man With Two Left Hands' is a truly monstrous release, brimming over with string-bending guitar work and great vocal renderings, with blasting saxophone and a relentless thumping beat.

A1 Where's McComb?

A2 Bad Times

A3 Nishtyak

A4 She's So Elusive

A5 Absolute Zero

A6 Snake Eyed Woman

B1 The Man With Two Left Hands

B2 I Fell Off The Wagon

B3 Fly On A Wall

B4 Chrome Dome

B5 Third Eye

B6 Black Ice

Wednesday, October 7, 2020







Michigan combo featuring spot-on 60s-sounding frat rock, sparkling Beach Boys-like harmonies, Farfisa, sax and brass-laced instrumental work, early Stones-type lead vocals and sweaty R&B, all rolled into one hell of a record.

A1 If Push Comes to Shove

A2 My Baby's Hearse

A3 Cuttin' Class

A4 Ask the Swami

A5 She's a Blowout

A6 Let's All Go to the Science Fair

A7 Study Break

B1 Tappa Kegga USA

B2 Tally Ho

B3 Girls Ruin Everything

B4 Truth Serum

B5 Pizza Party Twist

B6 Cuz I Want You Yeah I Need You

B7 High Horse

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

THE THURSTON HOWLERS - Lodge Party (2002)






Is your bag a swingin' lifestyle? Do ya' dig brain splittin' reverb fracas? Or even the menacing mindbending tones of fuzz and grind? Do you partake in stompin' booze-soaked topless-a-go-go-frat house debauchery? Then it's time to get introduced to those fez wearing Australian party kings, called the THURSTON HOWLERS, who finally come up with their debut-album "Lodge Party".

Extremely influenced by the North West sound of the WAILERS, KINGSMEN and SONICS, this record is a classic mix of early 6t's frat-rock, wylde garage-punk and swingin' instrumentals. The THURSTON HOWLERS are some kinda Australian "garage all-star" team,including members of the CRUSADERS, HEKAWIS, FINKERS and INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOYS.

This is a perfect dance record with great girlie backups by the lovely MARYANNES, which should keep every party swinging. Let's have a martini.

A1 The Hipster

A2 Lodge Party

A3 Miniskirt Action

A4 Trigger Mortis

A5 Insane

A6 You Want It?

A7 Go Go Beach

A8 (We Are) The Jet Set

B1 El Sicodelico

B2 Hey Li'l Buddy

B3 Gotta Get Away

B4 Spy Girl

B5 Beer Run

B6 Rumpshaker '65

B7 Nightmare On The Track

Monday, October 5, 2020

THE MAHARAJAS - Something Moody... & Groovy! (1998)






The Maharajas was formed in the late ’90s by Jens Lindberg with the intention of playing Greek-inspired moody ’60s music. Lindberg, who was formally in bands such as Crimson Shadows, Stomachmouths, Highspeed V and Blind Shag etc., he was looking for a new take on the genre. The first Maharajas album came out in 1998, a 10” 8-track album on the Italian label Teen Sound Records called “Something moody… & groovy!”

It Has Happened To Me Before

How Can I Go On?

I Tried For A While

I Still Believe

I Need To Know

The Only Thing To Do

I'm Gonna Leave

I'm The Greatest Lover